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  • We have a HID KMDF based mini-driver developed from Virtual Multiple HID Driver (see, which depends on KMDF.  I installed the full server of Server 2016 (Tech preview 5 and early release RTM 14393) and the driver works flawlessly.  I installed on the Server Core variant and the driver would not work.  After investigation I found the driver failed because the driver mshidkmdf.sys is not installed, although Creating KMDF HID Minidrivers states:

                Starting in Windows 7, the MsHidKmdf.sys driver is included as part of the operating system

    The reason this is a blocking problem is that I want to have Microsoft sign the driver for Server 2016.  In order to do this, it must pass the HLK, and one of the mandatory tests is Operate In Server Core Test, which requires Server Core to be used when running the test.

    Given that Windows 10 requires all new kernel drivers to be signed by Microsoft (when using Secure Boot mode) it's pretty much guaranteed that Server 2016 will also have this requirement.

    I have a hard time believing that KMDF HID drivers will no longer be supported on Server 2016--is the exclusion of KMDF HID mini-drivers an oversight, or is there a problem with the HLK test list for Server 2016?  I'm guessing there's a conflict where KMDF HID drivers are not supported in Server Core, but if that's the case there presumably needs to be a way to sign KMDF drivers that are targeted for the Full Server (such as those used in VMs with Desktop Experience feature enabled).

    Note: this was also posted in the Windows Hardware WDK and Driver Development.  I'm a noobie on these forums so I'm not allowed to post links yet...

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  • I was in contact with the WHQL team, and they acknowledged there's a problem with the test requirements and the class of driver.  I believe the playlist is going to be updated to allow our KMDF HID drivers pass without requiring Server Core tests.  I'm not sure if this is a general change i.e. applicable to all KMDF HID drivers, or specific to my companies driver.

    Errata 10785 was created: see

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