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  • Hi,

    I've been pondering this for a while now. Say I have an ink canvas, which has been anaylzed using an InkAnalyzer object. This now returns a load of nodes describing the text writen on the canvas. I use this code:

    void m_InkAnalyserEmail_ResultsUpdated(object sender, ResultsUpdatedEventArgs e)
                m_CurrentEmailText = "";
                if (e.Status.Successful)
                    StrokeCollection altNodeStrokes = null;
                    ContextNodeCollection nodeCollection = m_InkAnalyserEmail.FindLeafNodes();
    ... Etc
    Now, for each code you are able to see alternatives to what the word may actually be. I use this code to find them:

    foreach (AnalysisAlternate alt in m_InkAnalyserEmail.GetAlternates(nodeStrokes))
    * (where nodeStrokes are the ink strokes of the word I want to find alternatives for)

    The problem is, that AnalysisAnternate doesn't give a Context Node, the same type as nodeStrokes, so I can't simply assign nodeStrokes to be the new altnernative choice.

    I guess I'm a bit stuck on how to implement swapping in alternative words in the node tree generated from the ink canvas.

    I guess the next time the canvas gets analysed again the tree will be rereshed and changes would be lost I guess.

    If anyone's done anything like this or has suggestions on how to achieve this, I'd be more than grateful to hear them!

    Hope this all makes sense!



    Monday, September 28, 2009 5:16 PM