A HREF does not contain onclick server side function call. Please help


  • In the below function, I want to call “CallCreateorOpenForm” when I click “Open Draft" - open existing file from db. Lauch summary should verify, create new form and load new form. Currently onload everything will be created. However I want to create new form only when there is no form exist in the db that means when I click lauch Summary, it should call CallCreateFormorOpenFormURL function. Will you please help?

    Onload page


           ArrayList arraryList = new System.Collections.ArrayList();

    var advisees = ReviewHelpers.GetAdvisees(employeeCode, CurrentReviewPeriod);  

    if (advisees.Count() > 0)


        for (int i = 0; i < advisees.Count(); i++){

                  string LaunchSummaryURL = "#";

            LaunchSummaryURL = CallCreateFormorOpenFormURL(advisees[i].SummaryCode.ToString(), advisees[i].EmployeeCode, advisees[i].ReviewId);

            string LaunchSummaryLink = "<a href='" + LaunchSummary + "'>" + advisees[i].SummaryLinkHere.ToString() + "</a>";

            arraryList.Add(new MyObject(myEmpName, advisees[i].TotalReviews.ToString(), advisees[i].BillableHours.ToString(), LaunchSummaryLink, advisees[i].DateLastModified)); }

        RadGrid.DataSource = arraryList;

    } }

    private string CallCreateFormorOpenFormURL (string SummaryCode, string EmpCode, string ReviewId)


                string returnURL = "";

               //// ….dbcall to get records…..

                if (SummaryCode == "Open") {

                    returnURL = string.Format("/Reviews/Associate.aspx?ReviewId={0}", ReviewId);


                Else {

                        CreateNew = CreateSummaryReview(empAdvisor, empReviewer, empAdvisor, CurrentEmployee, true);   // this will create new db record with ReviewId

                        returnURL = string.Format("/Reviews/Associate.aspx?ReviewId={0}", CurrentReview.ReviewId);


                return returnURL;


    The screen look as shown below

    Saturday, April 12, 2014 2:50 AM