MSDN Volume License and MSDN Subscription credits in Azure RRS feed

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  • So I was contracted with a company for a few years and I had an MSDN Enterprise Volume License subscription associated to a personal Microsoft account (I created a specific MS account for the company).  During this time I also took advantage of the Azure free credits and enabled them on this personal account for work related to the company (they also used Azure for web apps and cloud storage).  Over a year ago my contract ended and I left the company.  Recently I logged onto the personal account (Developer Essentials and the Azure portal) and while I could not access any developer benefits for the subscription (i.e. downloads) I was still able to see the MSDN subscription in Azure and one of my web apps and SQL database instances was still going strong and still had the monthly credits.

    So my question is why would I still see the MSDN subscription in Azure if my MSDN VL subscription was clearly revoked?  I would think that the MSDN subscription in Azure would be tied to the VL subscription and both would be gone.  It would seem that the MSDN subscription in Azure is actually associated to my personal account and not the VL subscription?

    Would I need to contact someone at the company to revoke the MSDN subscription in Azure?  I realize that the credits are "free" however given that I am the owner of the MS account and I am still technically using their subscription (or am I?) I would not want to cause any problems.

    Anyone have any experiences with this?



    Saturday, March 23, 2019 10:40 PM