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  • Hi, I have to build a simple business website for my brother, and am fairly confident in getting my head round expression web (just downloaded expression studio, legally I might add), but something I was interested in playing about with is animation effects from sketch flow.

    I wasnt planning on getting too complicated, but really liked the simple transition effects that can be achieved on sketch flow, for example sliding txt accompanied with swirling lines with a transition in opacity.

    Can I export these types of animations into expression web for use with dynamic web pages, or alternatively, could I build a very simple (and i mean simple, the website only needs a little bit of information, a gallary and contact form) website in expression blend?

    If I havnt explained that too well a description of exactly what I want to achieve may help:

    The website will have a cover page, with two options to select in the centre   'Residential'   'Commercial'

    When either one is pressed, the relevant web page data will fade in over the original cover page, and I want the 'residential' or 'commercial'  text to gracefully move over and form part of the page heading, with a couple of swirly lines complimenting its movement.
    I have achieved this type of animation in blend, but havnt got the foggiest when it comes to applying this to a website.

    If this is something that could be achieved in expression web itself I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but after seeing how simple it was to create these types of graphics/animations in blend I was hoping applying them would be straight foward.

    Thanks for your time in reading my question, any help/guidence would be greatly appriciated

    Thanks again


    Friday, January 29, 2010 6:01 PM