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  • Hi,


    I was wondering if there is a forum for filing bug reports.  I didn't come across anything on Connect and unlike Win7 there isn't a send feedback button on every window ;).

    Anyways, my issue is as follows:

    I have a 64GB SSD which I use as a primary hard drive, I also have another Hard drive which I use to put all of my data, including my Users folder.  I use the repair command console to do a robocopy and then create a junction point to redirect my users folder.

    This works fine except that when Win8 starts up again it creates on the system drive another User folder with my information.  So now I have a Junction point called User and a folder called User (which wasn't there before restarting windows).

    It does appear though that Windows uses the Junction point one as all my files (downloads, documents, etc) end up in it on the data drive. 

    This means that windows has created another phantom Users folder which is unused.  And that is the bug :)



    P.S. As a side request.  It would be nicer if one could do this scenario right from within windows rather than having to go out to a repair console.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 5:24 PM