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    i am using VS 2008 with ReportViewer 2008 SP1 in C# and have some problems with the page count displayed on the reports.

    The report itself is pretty simple it's one Dataset with 5 tables in it. Every table includes one row.

    I have 5 lists which are bound to the tables. Every list has the "PageBreakAtStart" property set to true, so every table is displayed on one new page.


    Now this workes most times, but in 1 of 10  times the report is generated wrong. The pagecount (displayed in the ReportViewer) is one or 2 to low. Most times page one is missing, but sometimes also trhe last page(es).

    I know this was a problem in ReportViewer 2005 but it should be solved in 2008 right? 

    I also tried overriding the RenderingComplete Event and setting the pagenr manualy but with no luck. It worked (mostly in 2005).


    Is there any way to overcome this problem? 


    ReportViewer is realy nice but not useable this way ...


    _thanks rene


    Friday, April 2, 2010 6:47 PM