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  • Hi, im currently trying to make a simple IRC Gui Client. Im using the SmartIrc4net as a base, as it seems to be the most supportive out of all of them, found here: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/8323/SmartIrc4net-the-C-IRC-library

    Now What I am having problem with is the action commands. For example to make yourself an oper, you would type

    /oper admin password  or to changehost, would be /sethost mynewhost

    My problem is that when I pass that value through a TextBox, instead of making me admin, or changing my host. My input just gets displayed as text in the chat.

    Here is my code:


                string[] serverlist;
                serverlist = new string[] { "mydomain.com" };
                int port = 6667;
                string channel = "#MyChannel#";
                    irc.Connect(serverlist, port);
                    irc.Login("SmartIRC", "SmartIrc4net Test Bot");

                        irc.SendMessage(SendType.Message, channel, "/oper admin mypass");
                        irc.SendMessage(SendType.Action, channel, "/sethost mynewhost");



    But when I pass those values, all it does is just display what I typed in the chat, without actually making me oper, or changing my sethost.

    Is there anyway that I could actually make it pass commands through to the IRC server, instead of just displaying the raw text on the chat?

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

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