Why is solution loading projects rather than Nuget Package? - help


  • Hi,

    I'm running VS 2015 Update 3 and am seeing something quite strange.

    I created a .xproj project (lets call it "ProjectA") which I deployed as a Nuget package to the Nuget store.

    I then created a new solution and a new .xproj project (lets call it "ProjectB") from which I referenced the Nuget package for ProjectA.

    There seemed to be an issue so I removed the package reference from my project.json file, added the ProjectA .xproj to my solution and debugged the issue successfully. I then removed ProjectA from my solution, re-deployed  ProjectA to the Nuget store and referenced the updated Nuget Package for ProjectA from ProjectB.

    However, for some reason, whenever I open my solution or try and restore my packages, it still tries to load the ProjectA .xproj into my solution... even though there is no reference to it in the Solution file.

    This is extremely strange behaviour. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop the .xproj loading into the solution when it has been removed?

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  • Hi Think About,

    A simple way to resolve this issue, just take a backup for your project B, I mean that just copy the ProjectB(not include the solution file like the .suo or .sln file) to a new folder, or create a new ProjecyB.

    And then open the ProjectB.xxproj file in your VS, or create a new project, I think it has no the nugget Package or the projectA in this new solution, and then install the Nuget package ProjectA from your Nuget store. If it has no the projectA.xxproj now, at least, we get the clean solution.

    Then you could troubleshooting this issue using the following steps:

    (1) Compare the .sln and ProjectB.xxproj file.

    (2) Compare the folders/files in your solution folder.

    If a clean project will also add the projectA.xxproj after you install the nuget package, we would think about how you really create this package in your side.  

    Best Regards,


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