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  • I am installing a new program to my computer and it specified that if there were ANY problems that I should install(or re-install) MIcrosoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable to my computer.  Now, please bear with me since this may be elementary to some or all of you but to me, it's "all Greek".   When I clicked on the .exe file for the C++ program, I got a pop up window that instucted me that it "was highly recommended that I download and install the latest service packs and security updates for this product.  For more information, visit the following Web site: " and it linked me to thie URL

    Now, my concern is that I download the CORRECT items and not waste my time or ruin my computer with needless junk programs.  Some basics about my computer are

    OS:  Windows 7 Ultimate(Service Pack 1)

    Version 6.1.7601

    ServicePackMajorVersion:  1

    ServicePackMinorVersion:  0

    also, it's a 32-bit and NOT 64--bit

    I had just recently installed Windows 7 from Vista and I know that with Vista I had Service Pack 2 or 3(if I remember correctly) and for that reason, I am concerned with installing what is correct for this computer.  I do appreciate any help that someone can provide(I don't necessarily need my hand held the entire time but I do need someone to point me in the correct direction)  I do have one other question and that would be since I did have service pack 2 or 3 installed when I was running Vista, I was curious to know if Windows would ensure that I had the most UP TO DATE service pack installed on my computer or is there a possibility that my computer(or anyone's for that matter) could be "overlooked" or slip through the cracks when it came time to install the update?  Again, I just want to make sure that I am getting all updates as I should since I am a newbie to Windows 7.   I'm sure that this sounds like a silly question but I just want to make sure that my computer is kicking as much a$$ as it possibly could be kicking.   Thanks in advance...Dan


    By the way, I can almost GUARANTEE that my stupid ass has put this question in the incorrect forum and for this, I truly apologize and if it could be directed to the correct forum, well, that would just kick some major ass in my book!

    Sunday, August 7, 2011 2:00 PM