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  • Can you confirm the version of Exchange server required that allows me to use "publicfoldersroot" as the distinguished folder id in a call to FindFolder? I have some code that works when I set RequestServerVersion to "Exchange2010_SP1" but not otherwise. (The error is http 500 "The request is valid but does not specify the correct server version in the RequestServerVersion SOAP header".)  I have a customer whose server is saying EWS version "8" and for whom this does not work. He is complaining mightily and I just wanted to make sure there is no workaround or something I am doing wrong before I give up on getting it to work.

    Monday, October 27, 2014 4:58 PM

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  • Version 8 means the client is running Exchange 2007, EWS requests are backwards compatible meaning you can use a request that is versioned towards Exchange 2007 on a 2013 server and it will work okay. However they aren't forward compatible so if your request is versioned any higher then the schema available on the server then this is the error you will get.

    So you need to version the requests for that client to Exchange2007_SP1

     Each different schema version gives you access to different EWS operations and functionality so you should always try to detect the version available and match that in your request. In Exchange 2007 if you have a RTM install where the client has never installed any service packs then this request wouldn't work because public folder support was added in SP1. So to answer your question you would need to have you requests versioned to at least Exchange2007_SP1 and the client would also need to be running SP1 or later for this request to work there a full list of schema's and what they mean



    Tuesday, October 28, 2014 4:42 AM