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    <textarea cols="100" rows="20" name="body"><p>Thanks for your response.</p> <p>My biggest problem is typed datasets and using them to validate anything they seem never to instansiate,&nbsp;the bold line below always returns null I cannot move forward without solving this. All examples I can find seem to use data created within the programs and not from databases with typed datasets. Please can you help me overcome this hurdle?</p> <div style="color:Black; background-color:White"> <pre> <span style="color:Blue">public</span> <span style="color:Blue">class</span> ICValidationRule : ValidationRule { <span style="color:Blue">public</span> <span style="color:Blue">override</span> ValidationResult Validate(<span style="color:Blue">object</span> value, System.Globalization.CultureInfo cultureInfo) { <strong> AlpsDataSet.InsuranceCompaniesRow ic = (value <span style="color:Blue">as</span> BindingGroup).Items[0] <span style="color:Blue">as</span> AlpsDataSet.InsuranceCompaniesRow;</strong> <span style="color:Blue">if</span> (ic != <span style="color:Blue">null</span>) { <span style="color:Blue">if</span> (ic.IsBuyer == <span style="color:Blue">false</span>) { <span style="color:Blue">return</span> <span style="color:Blue">new</span> ValidationResult(<span style="color:Blue">false</span>, <span style="color:#A31515">&quot;The Buyer Cannot be Empty&quot;</span>); } <span style="color:Blue">else</span> { <span style="color:Blue">return</span> ValidationResult.ValidResult; } } <span style="color:Blue">return</span> <span style="color:Blue">new</span> ValidationResult(<span style="color:Blue">false</span>, <span style="color:#A31515">&quot;Reinsured must have Advised Date&quot;</span>); } } </pre> </div> <div style="color:Black; background-color:White"> <pre> <span style="color:Blue">private</span> <span style="color:Blue">void</span> SetDefaultValues(<span style="color:Blue">object</span> sender, InitializingNewItemEventArgs e) { &lt;strong&gt; AlpsDataSet.InsuranceCompaniesRow mydatarow = e.NewItem <span style="color:Blue">as</span> AlpsDataSet.InsuranceCompaniesRow;&lt;/strong&gt; <span style="color:Blue">if</span> (mydatarow != <span style="color:Blue">null</span>) { mydatarow.IsBuyer = <span style="color:Blue">true</span>; <span style="color:Green">//checkbox</span> mydatarow.CompanyName = <span style="color:#A31515">&quot;My Company Name&quot;</span>; } } </pre> </div> <hr> John F Lundy</textarea>
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    John F Lundy
    Monday, February 28, 2011 7:33 AM


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  • Must be a crap editor. Does this reflect on anyone?
    John F Lundy
    • Marked as answer by John F Lundy Monday, February 28, 2011 10:34 AM
    Monday, February 28, 2011 10:34 AM
  • Hi John,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    To edit your post, you can close all of your brower pages and re-open your brower, then click the "Edit' button. In this way, you could use the text editer to edit your post.

    Best Regards,

    Andrew Wu [MSFT]
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    Tuesday, March 1, 2011 11:14 AM