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  • I'm looking for way to display data where there are multiple rows of data, with some having a extra row below.

    I'm using the ListView with a gridview for the columns, so that the columns can be resized and have sorting,etc, but I have not figured out how to add another row that only has 1 textbox/textblock that is related to the row above it.

    The Data is master/detail, but I have not found any examples of this type of display.

        [Cust # ][First          ][Last                                         ]
    -    123       Alvin            Chipmunk
    ------ Needs to get package by UPS only
    -    124       Theo            Squirrel
    ------ Needs to get package by Fedex only
    ------ Don't accept checks
          125      Mark             Anthony
    +    126      Leo               Marks

    In the above, there is a header line with 3 resizable columns (Cust #, First, Last)
    A treeview type display of the - or + for open/closed state.
    Rows below the master row are not part of the resizable columns.

    Alvin and Theo have one detail row each, and Mark has none, Leo has any number and is collapsed.

    All the examples I've found are only for 2 separate views: master and detail. I need them intertwined.

    A commercial component is OK too!

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 5:17 PM

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