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  • I'm using an asynchronous JIT data retrieval pattern in a viewmodel in a c#/XAML WinRT project, and in one place (and only one, out of a half dozen or so) I get an InvalidProgramException, with the message "JIT Compiler encountered an internal limitation".  Here is the code (note, this is a property on a BindableBase-derived class):

            private bool _imageLoadingStarted = false;
            private WriteableBitmap _Image = null;
            public WriteableBitmap Image { 
                get {
                    if (_Image == null && !_imageLoadingStarted)
                        _imageLoadingStarted = true;
                    return _Image; 
                set { SetProperty(ref _Image, value); } }

    LoadImageAsync is a private async void () method.  It crashes with the InvalidProgramException on the LoadImageAsync() call. 

    I'm at a loss, because I use the exact same pattern with async methods with the same signature throughout my viewmodel classes for just-in-time instantiation.  I'm running VS2012 Express RC, version 11.0.50706.0 QRELRC on a Win8 release preview machine, if that matters.

    Anyone have a clue what's going on?

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  • Please test this on RTM and let us know if it reproduces.

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