Gamma correction RRS feed

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  • I was advised to post my question here but please, let me know if it belongs somewhere else.

    I have a simple c# application to experiment with 'gamma correction'. All I have for the moment is an image filled with a series of increasing brightness as follows :

    This is the exact Bitmap I generated in C# and saved as a PNG. I have used "easy" RGB values like 0,32,64, 96, 128 and so on, up to 255. When I view this image in, say, Adobe Photoshop, it "appears" lighter than in my WinForm Form? To convince myself I was not dreaming, I placed the Photoshop document window right next to the C# window and made a screen capture, which follows:

    I saved the capture to a file and when I opened in, using Photoshop color picker, I could tell that the RGB values on the right hand side were *larger* than those on the left, like RGB 128 -> 137 and so on. 

    My question: where does the difference comes from?

    Tuesday, January 14, 2020 5:49 PM