Azure APIM : Unable to import API from WSDL RRS feed

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    it works fine on SoapUI but with Azure gives error on APIM for soap to rest

    Unable to create a REST frontend for a SOAP API

    Your SOAP API has features that prevent us from generating a REST API for it. The issues we found were:

    Informational: ParsingXMLStarted : Started parsing XML

    Informational: ParsingXMLComplete : Completed parsing XML

    Verbose: WsdlImportRuleVerifyWadl11Schema : WSDL validated against XML Schema

    Informational: WsdlPrecheckComplete : Completed WSDL verification. WSDL is considered valid.

    Informational: WsdlParsingStarted : Service : Endpoint :

    Informational: WsdlIdentification : WsdlVersion: 'Wsdl11' TargetNamespace: ''.

    Informational: LoadedSchema : Target Namespace: ''.

    Informational: LoadedSchemas : Loaded '1' schemas.

    Informational: LoadedTypes : Loaded '160' types.

    Informational: LoadedMessages : Loaded '152' messages.

    Informational: LoadedInterfaces : Loaded '1' interfaces.

    Informational: LoadedBindings : Loaded '1' bindings.

    Informational: LoadedServices : Loaded '1' services.

    Informational: WsdlParsingComplete : Parsed 76 operations and 152 messages

    Informational: ApiType : Creating SOAP2REST API

    Informational: APICreated : Name : bdtservice Service Url:

    Informational: XsdParsing : Starting to parse

    Verbose: SchemaContractCreated : SchemaId : 6458add1-dabc-4001-8ce2-33c180c49ad1 ContractType: application/

    Warning: Error parsing EmptyTypes

    Error: Parsing error : Unable to import API from WSDL

    Wednesday, October 7, 2020 4:38 PM