UserControl Design Mode when Lib ois Imported RRS feed

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  •     public partial class StartUPEmbedded : UserControl, IMessageFilter
            public StartUPEmbedded()
                if (this.DesignMode) return;
                this.ParentForm.FormClosing += new FormClosingEventHandler(StartUP_FormClosing);
                con = new Conversation("itbrigada");
                Broadcaster.Connected += Broadcaster_Connected;
                client = new CommunicatorClient();
                client.Responder = new Broadcaster.DResponder(Responder);
                MailBox.MailBoxUpdate += MailBox_MailBoxUpdate;

    just th epart of the UserCitrl that has done in different solution.. same .NET.. imported Ok.. but..

    when drag and drop it on the form I get the error message: says nullreference at line and it corresponds to the next after

    if(this.DesignMode) return;

    What's wrong? Any other condition? Tried to place all that below lines inside OnLoad - then was able to drop, but it was frozen and even the DevEnv reloaded the whole solution.. ??? ))

    this.DesignMode doesn't work in that case?
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  • bool designMode = (LicenseManager.UsageMode == LicenseUsageMode.Designtime);
    if (designMode) return;

    this helped..
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