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  • Media Player for Music (only).

    I've been using Dev-Preview for 3 days and I find it odd how there's no Media Player in Metro UI. The lack of one is astonishing because since Metro UI is tablet-centric being forced to use the Desktop Windows Media Player would destroy the purpose.

    I took the liberty of editing an image which is a draft idea of the concept player. It's very primitive idea of the touch optimized UI with easy to hit text and buttons. I've also kept it at minimal and omits large set of feature such as streaming, syncing, etc. to keep the flow. I can give few more concept images if they're worth it.

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    Link: http://bit.ly/otLmkH

    Also Metro UI's Player could be able to get into lock screen to give quick option to skip song, play, pause, etc., and enhance the ergonomics. For that Metro UI should be skin-able/plug-able. This can give developers to modify certain parts of Metro UI based on an app to enhance and make it more robust.  As of now if there's a Media Player one would have to dig through the horde of (left) open application and go to Player to select song or pause it.

    If, for example, play-pause-skip buttons of Media Player can be placed next to the much unused screen estate besides the User Name (displayed on top-right). This is just an idea to let you catch the drift. Implementation of feature can be in other ways which wouldn't need to destroy the current UI.


    Internet Explorer

    Both the browsers are still not usable. The Metro UI browser crashed when I tried testing it with 4 tabs of HTML5/Java demo websites. Re-hydration of browser is also very unreliable. I had it suspended for quite a long time and after I returned to it, it was un-responsive. 

    Right-clicking on a link and opening a new tab lands you on the just opened tab. It's not at all natural. Suppose if I were to open lots of link (e.g., wikipedia), I'd have to right-click, open in new window, right click, previous tab. Rinse repeat the process for a number of tab and you get frustrated. New tabs from links should be opened but I should remain on the same page. That's the intuitive way.

    I am not sure but I didn't find any way to track my downloads. I tried to search for the download manager. Without it, I'm left at the mercy of uncertainty and volatile patience. 

    How about pinning links (with thumbnails) in the home-page for quick-access instead of letting the browser decide (based on recently opened or most viewed pages). Chrome and Opera both have it and I use them.

    Also Metro UI's browser takes up lot of memory when 4-5 tabs are opened. I once noticed around 100mb+ on it. Although this is no concern for desktops and laptops but tablets would take a hit with their limited resources. 

    Internet Explorer 10 (desktop) crashes and has many performance issues in rendering heavy sites. Also there's an input issue where the browser lags behind of what I type or press. This results in missing letters or unrecognized spaces. Imagine it like this, fast typing on resistive touchscreen.


    App drawer

    This ones going to be controversial give the new philosophy of Metro UI but I'm still going to put it here anyway. Metro UI is very clunky for power users and also scrolling endlessly is not viable on tablets. On top of it, desktop apps also get displayed in Metro UI. And due to apps designed for previous OSes all the .exe (like uninstall and diagnostics) also end up in the list of UI. This can be worked up by not including desktop apps in Metro UI or not adding them by default when they get installed. User must get an option via prompt screen where they can select what all should be placed in UI.

    Also for quick-access of apps I propose for an app-drawer. Since the legacy start-menu has been killed there's no quick way to access apps (desktop or Metro). Using WinKey + Q or W is not intuitive. And although I've not used Win8 in tablet but I don't think, there'd be shortcut keys for them. User would have to go through swipes and touches to get to the search screen. Currently I'm thinking of Android style app-drawer.

    If none seem fit, heck, give us the option for a folder so we can dump our apps in them.



    Ability to free our self from the green background which is all over the UI. Heck, when I installed Dev-preview for the first time and saw the bland-green all over, I thought of unsupported graphic driver. Like in those old days.

    This could also have the application of black make over through out the UI to reduce power consumption on LEDs.


    More to follow...


    Monday, September 19, 2011 5:41 PM