HLK v1903, Flush test failed on Windows 10 v1903 RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am running Flush test on Win10 V1903 with HLK 1903 but the test is got failed with following error " Cause : Task Run task with reboot flag has not rebooted in 5 mins EA will wait for another 55 mins. Cause : The execute task with command line cmd /c Te.exe /enablewttlogging /appendwttlogging storage.test.flushtest.dll /name:storage::FlushFUATest::FlushTest# /p WDKDeviceID=My disk ID DiskDeviceObjectLink=\\. \PhysicalDrive1 /p: IP=Web power switch IP /p: OID=DefaultOID /p: Port=port number of power cable where it was connected in web power switch /p: Community=private rebootstatefile=hlk_reboot_state.xml Failed with Exit Code 259".

    This is an error message

    In te.wtl file there is an warning and error message, warning - machine no longer needs to reboot, but taef cannot notify wtt service of this change. Error - Test failed after requesting a reboot. TAEF will assume the reboot was not performed and continue executing test immediately. I can't able to fix this issue, Please help me to fix this issue

    Thursday, June 13, 2019 11:21 AM