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  • What is the correct type for keyUpToken in the following snippet for a Windows Store app?

    keyUpToken = coreWindow->KeyUp += 
    			ref new TypedEventHandler<CoreWindow^, KeyEventArgs^>(this, &KeyState::OnKeyUp);

    I'm currently using Windows::Foundation::EventRegistrationToken which seems to work fine (at least in my dev environment), but I was just looking at the documentation and it indicates that I should be using System.Runtime.InteropService.WindowsRuntime.EventRegistrationToken.  (Which I'm not even sure how to get to... should I add mscorlib.dll to my additional dependencies?)

    If so, what is the point of Windows::Foundation::EventRegistrationToken?

    Just a bit confused.  Thanks!

    EDIT:  Or, if somebody can point me at a sample that does this the right way, that'd be really helpful!

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  • Hi,

    Windows::Foundation::EventRegistrationToken is correct type. This type is used in C++/CX. System.Runtime.InteropService.WindowsRuntime.EventRegistrationToken should be used by .NET developer, like C#/VB.

    As far as I know, this value used for remove the delegate. For example, we want to using new codes in keydown event, we should remove the old one and add the new one.

    In this case, we need coreWindow->KeyUp-= keyUpToken; to remove it.

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    Jesse Jiang
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