Select a row of datagrid using UI Automation


  • Hi,

    I'm writing a UI automation software for another software. I need to select a row in the datagrid and then click on the run button. I tried most of the example codes in the internet and each time wasn't successful. For example for selecting a gridview row:

    When I write the following code:

    AutomationElement dataGrid =  this.mainWindow.FindFirst(TreeScope.Children,
    new PropertyCondition(AutomationElement.AutomationIdProperty, "2885"));
    if (dataGrid != null)
        GridPattern pattern = GetGridPattern(dataGrid);
        AutomationElement tempElement = pattern.GetItem(1, 1);

    I receive the error: "Target element cannot receive focus." which is related to the last line.

    I also tried the code:

    AutomationElement mainGrid = // find the grid in the window
    var columnCount = (int)mainGrid.GetCurrentPropertyValue(GridPattern.ColumnCountProperty);
    var mainGridPattern = (GridPattern)mainGrid.GetCurrentPattern(GridPattern.Pattern);
    var rowToSelect = 2;
    // select just the first cell
    var item = mainGridPattern.GetItem(rowToSelect, 0);
    var itemPattern = (SelectionItemPattern)item.GetCurrentPattern(SelectionItemPattern.Pattern);

    but I and I received the error :"Unsupported Pattern".

    I should mention that I'm using UI Spy for retrieving the elements properties. I have attached a picture of UI Spy showing this datagrid properties.

    Could you explain me what's wrong and how should I select a row?

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