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    I’ve scoured every possible places on the internet, visited many websites and still failed miserably to find the answer.  I hope there’s someone out there with deep knowledge to point me to the right documents/links, or better still, provides the answer J


    I’ve created a Visual Studio Integrated Shell (VSIS) application. Everything is working and good. Now, I am trying to provide a drag and drop file feature. I want to drag a file from Windows Explorer to my VSIS application. I know how to handle the event when dropping the file onto my Controls. However, if I drop the file into the VSIS area, I get a pop-up with the message “There is no editor available for…Make sure the application for the file type (.xyz) is installed”. I (think) know why this message appears and the reason is because the default file handler for my Integrated Shell (which is the Visual Studio default file handler) does not support the format (extension) for my file. Does anyone know how I can intercept this file handler so that my file handler is called instead? Maybe there’s a way to register a callback so that my code can handle the file opening, or perhaps a way to register that certain file extensions should call certain callback handlers etc.?

    [ Extra Information: I get the same pop-up when I double click on the same file. I’ve associated this file type to my application. The double click starts my application and then the same pop-up appears. I know how to workaround this but I suspect the solution is the same as the question above]

    Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, November 15, 2018 12:56 PM