Several question regarding pwa and psi RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I have to write a custom web part which display the current timesheet in another format. Instead of showing the task name, the web part will display a custom field of the task and the actual data of each task. The web part is placed within a custom page in pwa and there's a custom button added in the ribbon to call that page. The button will extract the Guid of the timesheet from the url and create another url to call the custom page ex: http://projectserver/pwa/../custompage.aspx?tsUid=........-....-....-....-...........  .

    I have several questions

    I need to extract the current timesheet guid from the url to construct my own link. If a user click directly on My Time Sheet on the left menu, the guid is not shown in the url in pwa. It's only shown if we go through the list of current timesheets and choose one. Is there a way to get the timesheet guid through client om instead of url ? It has to be done with java script so I can construct my own link.

    I use PSI to read timesheet data. The ReadTimeSheet(guid timesheetid) will retrieve dataset which I will loop through to get what I want. One thing which stunt me is that if I use the TASK_UID from the linerow, sometimes it doesn't fit with the task_uid of the same task in database ?!!! I even searched the database for that particular TASK_UID and it doesn't even exist. I googled this problem and in another forum, some user had the same issue. So I guess there's something I don't understand about timesheetdata. To solve my problem I had to use assn_uid instead and get the task_uid from the project_uid (after loading the project data). Anyone has an explanation of this situation ?

    And last question, what's the best way to print that custom page ? I only want the web part to be printed. I can use the print option from IE but it's not optimal. Is there a way to use the print button from the ribbon ? I created my custom page directly from pwa, so is there a way to use another master page (like the one used by timesheet) instead of the generic one ?

    Thank you for any answer of those 3.


    Saturday, March 19, 2011 12:16 AM