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  • Greetings All:

    Our company has developed a new device running CE 6.0.  A prototype was sent to a customer for evaluation and all went well, but one comment we received from them was "Boy, I sure wish you had an emulator for your device so we would not need to have one of your terminals here for development testing."

    I see that VS2005 with Platform Builder does have a Emulator BSP(Device Emulator ARMV4I), so I went ahead to see if I could create a custom emulator matching as much as possible the functions of our device.  Following instructions in the book called Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 by Samuel Phung, I cloned the Device Emulator BSP and made my own(which I think now might not have been necessary), then created a new OS design and created a preliminary custom emulator. Then in VS2005 I connected to the custom emulator and saw it pop up on my PC screen, and even deployed a test program on the emulator to run. So basically I have the beginnings of a working custom emulator.

    But at this point is where I am somewhat stuck. If a developer wanted to use this emulator what exactly do I send that person to install on their PC?  I presume that they have either VS2005(without Platform Builder) or VS2008 for developing their application, but what do I need to give them so they can load and run their application on the custom emulator?

    Likewise, I have another PC with just VS2008 installed. So if I wanted to develop an application for our device with that PC,  I know I need to install the SDK that I created for our device, but if I wanted to test the application on the custom emulator I created, what do I need to create and install on this other PC that gives me access to the custom emulator?

    I'm guessing that I just need to create a SDK from the custom emulator OS design and then load that custom emulator SDK on my PC that just has VS2008, but that seems to simple and I don't really find that stated anywhere.

    Any ideas, directions,  or suggestions on what I need to do to get a custom emluator loaded on another PC woudl be appreciated...Thanks.


    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 10:03 PM

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  • You need to roll him an SDK with the emulator image selected (on one of the configuration pages of the SDK). Make sure all is setup correctly, like screen size, and you can even create a bitmap that is loaded around the screen so it actually looks like your device. Then give them the SDK.msi. Your customer will install that and they can then select the emulator as "device" when creating a smart device application build against that SDK. All they then have to do is press "F5", run, and the emulator will start and they can debug their code.

    As easy as that!

    Good luck,

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    Thursday, June 21, 2012 1:01 AM
  • Hi :

    Everything seemed simple enough untill I pressed the F5 key and I get a "Connect to Device failed' message:

    ------ Deploy started: Project: lp8_test2, Configuration: Debug LANpointPowerX_Emulator_SDK (ARMV4I) ------

    Device is not ready. If target is an ActiveSync device, verify whether ActiveSync connection is running.

    Connect to device failed.

    ========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

    On my PC that has VS2005 and Platform builder, I followed instructions in Samual Phongs book. I cloned the Device Emulator BSP to my own(which probably was not really necessary), then created a new OS Design, selecting, the cloned Device Emulator, compiled, then using the Target Device Connectivity Options, created the Emulator Target Device Profile and settings, then did a Target-> Attached Device and the emulator popped up just fine on the PC screen and behaved just like the real terminal screen. I then created the SDK. It built ok. I copied the .MSI to another PC that has just VS2005(no Platform builder as I guess end users would not have), installed the SDK. I created a Smart Device application project and selected using the emulator SDK, compiled the progrem, but when I press F5(Start debugging), I get the above error.   I presume the 'device' is the emulator and I thought it would trigger it to load up, run, then load my test application to run in it. Attached is a picture of the results. Any guidence would be appriciated to figure out why ths does not work. Is there someplace I need to first start up the device(emulator)?  Thanks.

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