Object Properties viewable through Inpsect.exe, but the object is not in the Inspect tree-view?


  • What does it mean when an object's properties can be seen in Inspect (when using "Watch cursor" mode) but the object is not present in the Automation tree pane on the left of inspect?

    I have an object that I can see through inspect using hover/watch cursor.  Once that object is in Inspect, I can focus it, I can access it's control patterns, and so on.  However, the object is not present in the tree view pane on the left.  Generally, the left-pane will auto-scroll to the object, but that is not happening.  Additionally, if I use the Next/Prev Child buttons to walk the tree, I can not find the object in question.

    I want to interact with this object.  The UI Automation FindFirst/FindAll seem to walk the tree in the same manner as Next/Prev Child and thus do not see the object from within my test harness.  What is it about this object that allows Inspect to see it, but it's not in the traditional tree view?

    I'm in "Raw View" and "UI Automation Mode".  An example of this object is below.  Note that the properties are completely populated for this object, patterns are available, but the object is not in the left-pane.

    Any ideas?  Thanks!

    Wednesday, May 21, 2014 2:07 PM

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