Help! Primary Key/Foreign Key not being added to my database? RRS feed

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    I'm stumped.  I have Parent/Child (i.e. Master/Detail) Form.  The form is layed out using textboxes as opposed to a Datagrid.  I have created everything using the Visual Studio Designer.  When I run the form, everything works as it should!  My Primary Keys and Foreign Keys are generated and I can see them.  However, when I go to look at my database (MS Access) all the fields & records are listed except the Primary Key in the Parent Table and the Foreign Key in the Child Table? They are just blank.

    Note: I have all my relationships setup via Visual Studio Dataset designer, currently I have removed all relationships and Keys from my Access database just so that I can know this problem isnt related to how I have my Access database setup.




    Thursday, April 13, 2006 9:30 PM


  • OK, I have an answer to my problem, sort of.....  After much frustration, I just deleted all me datasets in my project and reimported my Access database. Visual Studio recreated all my tables and relations etc, and everything worked as it should have.

    I believe I must of made some changes in my Access database that didnt jive with the designer in VS although I was never getting an error, it just didnt work.  Just thought I would update this post in the event somebody else ran into this problem



    Saturday, April 15, 2006 9:35 PM