Azure AD B2C SAML Providers


  • I'm looking to use AD B2C for a web application that I'm building.  My question is, can I authenticate against an existing corporate ADFS service or are my provider options only the social networks listed.  

    I want to provide SSO to my application using a client's ADFS service and have some user store to manage the list of users and roles for my application.  I'm hoping to use AD B2C as that user store.  When the client purchases a license I would like to be able to create the user along with the provider details in B2C and send them an email to start using the application.  I plan on using roles to determine if the user's paid subscription is currently valid or not.  

    If this is possible how do I set it up the ADFS provider?  Can I use any provider that support SAML?

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    Friday, April 28, 2017 5:12 PM