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  • Hi,

    I'm a newbie of database concept and Entity Framework. I'm creating a small application with the WPF technology; in this application I use a main window to display the datas that I can add with another window dialog. These datas are introduced in a database (based to service) by various textboxes. Below my database structure:

    I populate my database with this code in my dialog window:


    dbDistintaEntities distinta = new dbDistintaEntities();
    Societa soc = new Societa(){
    ID = 1, Nome = this.SquadraNome, Campo = this.SquadraCampo, Presidente = this.SquadraPres, Allenatore = this.SquadraAll, DirigenteAcc = "ilnulla", DirigenteAr = "ilnulla", Massaggiatore = "ilnulla", Medico = "ilnulla", }; this.distinta.AddToSocieta(soc); this.distinta.SaveChanges();


    So I can retrieve the previous datas in a main window with this code:


    dbDistintaEntities distinta = new dbDistintaEntities();
    var societa = distinta.Societa.ToList().Last();
    SquadraNome = societa.Nome;



    This implementation works well when I retrieve the datas when I return from dialog window while application is running but if I put the same code to retrieve the datas in a constructor of main window to load the data when the application is started I receive this error:

    'The invocation of the constructor on type 'DistintaProject.Views.MainWindow' that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception.' Line number '6' and line position '9'.

    I think that the problem is due to database is empty. To manage the window I use an Unity Container (to agree at MVVM pattern), I don't think that is a problem.

    I don't understanding, anyone could help me?


    Thank you!


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