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  • In a ssrs 2008 r2 report, I want to always run a main report. However I want to add parameters to the main report when it is executed so that 'related' reports are executed. When the reports are executed, I would like the following to occur:
    1. The user will select which reports that are to be executed by using parameters that are supplied to the SSRS 2008 report.
    2. What reports should be executed will be based upon what the user selections.
    3. The order of the reports will be setup to run in a predefined order.
    4. The reports will run in a sequential order. One report will not run until the first report is completed.
    5. The report output will be attached to the main report in a seqnetial order.

    Can you tell me how to accomplish the goals I have listed above using SSRS 2008 r2? Also if all goals are not possibly for what I listed above, can you tell me how to complete the tasks that are possible?

    Friday, October 11, 2013 2:02 AM


  • Hi Wendy,

    The third and fourth requirements in your list cannot be achieved currently in Reporting Services.

    Since you want the extra reports to render according to the selection of a specific report parameter, you need to use subreports in the main report and set the visibility of each subreport based on the parameter selection. The drillthrough reports are used when we need to add hyperlinks to the report and navigate to the extra reports by clicking the hyperlinks.

    Assuming that you have three extra reports to be render within the main report, you need to add three subreport controls into the main report. Of course, we can adjust the location of these subreports to make them sequent based on your requirement. However, at run time, the selected subreports will be executed in parallel. Therefore, we cannot make them visible one by one.

    Let’s assume the multi-value report parameter ExtraReport has three values: Products, SalesTerritory, SalesAmount which are mapping to three subreports. For the subreport which points to the Products report, we can use the following expression to set its visibility: =IIF(InStr(Join(Parameters!ExtraReport.Value),”Products"),false,true), and for the subreport which points to the SalesTerritory report, we can set its visibility using this expression: =IIF(InStr(Join(Parameters!ExtraReport.Value),”SalesTerritory”),false,true). So is the last subreport which points to the SalesAmount report.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.


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