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  • I have an structure in VBA. Trying to assign a value in the structured variable, while assigning a value getting the overflow error. Following is the code.

    Type typeRXTestParameters
        RSBGain_PRX_Correction As Double
        RSBPhase_PRX_Correction As Double
        RSBGain_DRX_Correction As Double
        RSBPhase_DRX_Correction As Double
        RSBGain_Correction As Double
        RSBPhase_Correction As Double
        IQ_PRX As String
        IQ_DRX As String
    End Type

    Global g_RXTestParameters As typeRXTestParameters

    public sub sample()

     g_RXTestParameters.RSBGain_PRX_Correction = 0.22 ' assigning the value & getting the overflow error

    end sub,

    This problem is not appearing always. If i keep on executing the above code then only i'm getting this error. If i debug the code also not getting the overflow error.

    Please let me know the solution for this. Thanks in advance

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