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  • Hi there! I just have a few questions and I'm using Visual Basic .NET 2010. I'll probably ask about 3 or more questions, so I didn't know if I should keep making new threads. Well, here they are!

    What is the difference between thread.sleep and public declare sub sleep lib kernel32 (byval dwmilliseconds as long)

    How can I use a COM dll directly? As in not having to register it or make an installer.

    There's a "wait" function in java, is there one in VB.NET?

    How can I immediately yield to another thread?

    And, could someone post an example of using SpinWait.SpinUntil(Function,TimeSpan)

    Ok. that's it. :D I hope I can have these questions answered. They've been causing me lots of problems. :)


    PS: If I'm supposed to make threads, I will. :)

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