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  • Greetings,

    I have a cad program for work that will only function with MDAC 2.8, and therefore XP.  Forget about trying to run it on a different OS than XP, if won't even let you install.  I quite like windows 7 and don't want to be resricted to XP simply because of this program.  I use it everyday however, so I need to find a solution.

    It should be noted I'm no developer and just have a tinkering mind.  I assume somewhere out there is a solution to mount an earlier version of MDAC/SQL/Jet -  whatever, on Windows 7 through a virtual drive or something else creative.  I started looking for a solution but wasn't finding anything that seemed obvious.

    Out of frustration I just wiped my computer and installed windows 7 and XP in a dual boot configuration.  Not ideal at all but it's a start.

    I was tinkering the other day and wondered, from windows 7, if there was a possibility that I could call upon the program.

    From W7, I explored to my other drive that has XP and my program on it, created a short cut, and put it on the dektop of w7.

    I wasn't expecting anything to happen but when I double clicked on it, I got a pop up asking saying "no hardware key found" (the program has a security measure requring you to insert a usb key before it will launch). 

    I was really surprised that the program actually tried to initalize.  I put my key card in, praying it would work, but I got a no data sources or engine found - I forget the exact message, but it's clear that SQL and the other necessary database components are"sleeping" in XP when I am logged into W7.

    At this point my curiousity is really going.  In my situation, while I'm in W7, is it possible call, "wake up" and run SQL or whatever else that is seemingly dormant that I need to run my program?  I tried to explore through my XP drive while in W7 and double click on important looking SQL icons (told you I'm no DBA) but always got errors or nothing happened.

    There must be a way..any ideas?  Have I overlooked any other solutions all together that may even be easier.

    Thank you for the time.
    Thursday, February 4, 2010 11:36 PM

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  • You're able to run the application because you can access the other partition and it's files. It's unlikely anything but the most basic applications will work through as NOTHING else in that OS is loaded. No registry = big problem right there ;)

    What you CAN do though is to setup a virtual XP machine and then run the application in there. Doing this is very easy but it's well beyond the scope of this forum. Perhaps an admin can move this to the correct forum?
    Basically, you'll want to install SQL and your application in the virtual OS and then run things in there. No need for dual booting. If you're lucky you may even be able to run it all from Windows 7 "XP Mode" which will make it look and feel like it's running natively on your WIndows 7 desktop. I do this at work for a few things and it's great!

    Good luck!
    Friday, February 5, 2010 3:12 AM