How to run an action in parallel without waiting for previous execution RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have created a Azure C# job to load funds for multiple passengers flight wise.

    In that job in a minute there are multiple flights with passengers are available to load. I have written a code to process it, but while execution, it is running synchronously, I want to execute the functionality to process without waiting for previous one to finish.

    Let me explain by code,


    public class PassengerFlightDetails
            int FlightId
    List<Passengers> lstPassengers {get;set;} ;
    int AmountToLoad {get;set;}

    public class ProcessCards
    public void LoadFunds(int flightid, List<Passengers> passengers,int AmountToLoad)
    foreach(var item in passengers)
    int passengerid = passengers.passengerid;
    LoadFundToPassenger (flightid,passengerid,AmountToLoad)

    public bool LoadFundToPassenger(int flightid, int passengerid,int AmountToLoad)
    // Load functionality


    public class MainProgram
    public bool FunctionToProcessFlightPassgengers()
    List<PassengerFlightDetails> lstPassengerFlight = new List<PassengerFlightDetails>();

    // Consider lstPassengerFlight contains 10 different records, 
    // for e.g. lstPassengerFlight[0]
    lstPassengerFlight.FlightId = 1;
    lstPassengerFlight.lstPassengers = 150;
    lstPassengerFlight.AmountToLoad = 10;

    // for e.g. lstPassengerFlight[1]
    lstPassengerFlight.FlightId = 2;
    lstPassengerFlight.lstPassengers = 120;
    lstPassengerFlight.AmountToLoad = 15;

    // for e.g. lstPassengerFlight[2]
    lstPassengerFlight.FlightId = 3;
    lstPassengerFlight.lstPassengers = 200;
    lstPassengerFlight.AmountToLoad = 20;

    // similar to above records list - lstPassengerFlight contains different records as per FlightId wise
    // LoadFunds - Activity to load funds passenger wise

    foreach(var passflight in lstPassengerFlight)
    ProcessCards objProcessCards = new ProcessCards();

    //In the for loop, I want to process LoadFunds activity in parallel.
    // i.e . in the loop first it will load the funds for flight id 1, it will wait to complete, then it will go for flight id 2 and                     //so  on.
    // Now I don't want to wait till flight 1 finish, flight 2, flight 3 to finish.
    // I want to start LoadFunds funds process in parallel, means in the loop it will call loadfunds functionality and it will not wait till complete, immediately it will process for next flight.

    }      }

    Kindly suggest me the best approach to execute "LoadFunds" functionality in parallel i,e execute it without waiting for first one to finish. 

    Wednesday, December 19, 2018 8:55 AM

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