Share ID3D11Device1 interface and context among multiple UI elements RRS feed

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  • We develop a GIS app started with Direct3D+XAML template. On the top AppBar, we plan to render several thumbnails, each of which is indeed an "Image" UI element rendered using D3D. It's just like IE10 Metro with thumbnail of web pages on top AppBar. We follow the sample "XAML SurfaceImageSource DirectX Interop sample" and bind the Image UI element to a ScenarioImageSource (subclass of SurfaceImageSource) object. In the constructor of ScenarioImageSource, all D3D variables (device, context, constant buffer, PS, VS etc.) need to be created. During the debugging, I found their values are different from one to another. I am afraid this may lead to resource issue (think of 20 thumbnails). Is there any way share there D3D variables among multiple instances of ScenarioImageSource?

    Thursday, October 18, 2012 5:13 PM