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  • Hi,

    We created custom shows in Powerpoint and are running a macro to insert temporary page numbers on the slides before printing.  The issue is that I need to remove the page numbers after printing.  I'm a novice at VBA so I'm sure there is an easy solution, but nothing I've tried so far has been successful.  The code is displayed below for your reference.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Sub PrintCustomShow()

          ' Change this number to specify your starting slide number.
          Const lStartNum As Long = 1

          ' Ask the user which custom show they want to print.
          Dim strShowToPrint As String, strPrompt As String
          Dim strTitle As String, strDefault As String

          ' See if any custom shows are defined.
          If ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings.NamedSlideShows.Count _
             < 1 Then

             ' No custom shows are defined.
             ' Set up the string for the message box.
             strPrompt = "You have no custom shows defined!"

             ' Display the message box and stop the macro.
             MsgBox strPrompt, vbCritical

          End If

          ' Find the page number placeholder; if found, pick up the style.
          Dim rect As PageBoxSize
          Dim oPlaceHolder As Shape
          Dim bFound As Boolean: bFound = False
          For Each oPlaceHolder In _

             ' Look for the slide number placeholder.
             If oPlaceHolder.PlaceholderFormat.Type = _
                ppPlaceholderSlideNumber Then

                ' Get the position of the page number placeholder.
                rect.l = oPlaceHolder.Left
                rect.t = oPlaceHolder.Top
                rect.w = oPlaceHolder.Width
                rect.h = oPlaceHolder.Height

                ' Get the formatting of the slide number placeholder.

                ' Found the slide number placeholder, so set the
                ' bFound boolean to True.
                bFound = True
                Exit For
             End If

          Next oPlaceHolder

          ' See if a slide number placeholder was found.
          ' If not found, exit the macro.
          If bFound = False Then

             ' Unable to find slide number placeholder.
             MsgBox "Your master slide does not contain a slide number " _
                & "placeholder. Add a " & vbCrLf & "slide number placeholder" _
                & " and run the macro again.", vbCritical
          End If

          ' Set up the string for the input box.
          strPrompt = "Type the name of the custom show you want to print." _
             & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Custom Show List" & vbCrLf _
             & "==============" & vbCrLf

          ' This is the title of the input box.
          strTitle = "Print Custom Show"

          ' Use the first defined show as the default.
          strDefault = _

          ' Obtain the names of all custom slide shows.
          Dim oCustomShow As NamedSlideShow
          For Each oCustomShow In _
             strPrompt = strPrompt & oCustomShow.Name & vbCrLf
          Next oCustomShow

          Dim bMatch As Boolean: bMatch = False

          ' Loop until a named show is matched or user clicks Cancel.
          While (bMatch = False)

             ' Display the input box that prompts the user to type in
             ' the slide show they want to print.
             strShowToPrint = InputBox(strPrompt, strTitle, strDefault)

             ' See if user clicked Cancel.
             If strShowToPrint = "" Then
             End If

             ' Make sure the return value of the input box is a valid name.
             For Each oCustomShow In _

                ' See if the show is in the NamedSlideShows collection.
                If strShowToPrint = oCustomShow.Name Then
                   bMatch = True

                   ' Leave the For loop, because a match was found.
                   Exit For
                End If

                ' No match was found.
                bMatch = False

             Next oCustomShow

          ' Get the array of slide IDs used in the show.
          Dim vShowSlideIDs As Variant
          With ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings
              vShowSlideIDs = .NamedSlideShows(strShowToPrint).SlideIDs
          End With

          ' Loop through the slides and turn off page numbering.
          Dim vSlideID As Variant
          Dim oSlide As Slide
          Dim Info() As SlideInfo

          ' Make room in the array.
          ReDim Preserve Info(UBound(vShowSlideIDs) - 1)

          ' Save the current background printing setting and
          ' then turn background printing off.
          Dim bBackgroundPrinting As Boolean
          bBackgroundPrinting = _
          ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.PrintInBackground = msoFalse

          ' Loop through every slide in the custom show.
          Dim x As Long: x = 0
          For Each vSlideID In vShowSlideIDs

             ' The first element in the array is zero and not used.
             If vSlideID <> 0 Then

                ' Add slide ID to the array.
                Info(x).ID = CLng(vSlideID)

                ' Get a reference to the slide.
                Set oSlide = ActivePresentation.Slides.FindBySlideID(vSlideID)

                ' Store the visible state of the page number.
                Info(x).IsVisible = oSlide.HeadersFooters.SlideNumber.Visible

                ' Turn off page numbering, if needed.
                If Info(x).IsVisible = True Then
                   oSlide.HeadersFooters.SlideNumber.Visible = msoFalse
                End If

                ' Create a text box and add a temporary page number in it.
                Dim oShape As Shape
                Set oShape = _
                   oSlide.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, _
                                            rect.l, rect.t, _
                                            rect.w, rect.h)

                ' Apply the formatting used for the slide number placeholder to
                ' the text box you just created.

                ' Add the page number text to the text box.
                oShape.TextFrame.TextRange = CStr(x + lStartNum)

                ' Increment the array element positon.
                x = x + 1

             End If

          Next vSlideID
    ' Print the custom show. NOTE: You must turn background printing off.
                 With ActivePresentation
                 With .PrintOptions
                 .RangeType = ppPrintNamedSlideShow
                 .SlideShowName = strShowToPrint
                 End With
                End With

          ' Restore the slide information.
          For x = 0 To UBound(Info)
             ' Get a reference to the slide.
             Set oSlide = ActivePresentation.Slides.FindBySlideID(Info(x).ID)
             oSlide.HeadersFooters.SlideNumber.Visible = Info(x).IsVisible
          Next x

          ' Restore the background printing setting.
          ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.PrintInBackground = _
       End Sub

    Thursday, February 19, 2015 2:40 PM


  • Hi hlolrich,

    According to the description, you want to remove the shapes which created after you print the presentaion.

    I suggest that you name the shape you added with some rule, then we can delete thease shapes via the name rule.

    And here is a sample that you delete the shapes which name contains the myShape words on the first slide for your reference:

    Sub deleteShapes()
    For Each aShape In Application.ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes
        If InStr(aShape.Name, "myShape") Then
        End If
    Next aShape
    End Sub
    Also you can learn more about PowerPoint developing from link below:
    How do I... (PowerPoint 2013 developer reference)

    PowerPoint 2013

    Regards & Fei

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    Friday, February 20, 2015 7:33 AM