VSTS - Test Suite clone or move from one project to another project / Test case auto link to Test Suite RRS feed

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    I need help/suggestions on the below problem statements in VSTS. Please help, appreciate your support

    1. VSTS Test suite/test case migration - We are planning to move to a new centralized Project from existing multiple projects. I would like to what are the best recommended options to move the test suites/test cases from one project to another project. I have found some info (on using MTM and tmc command) on various forums but not much related to VSTS. I am looking for any info related to VSTS

    2. VSTS Test Case linkage to Test Suites - Do we have any option to link multiple test cases directly to a test suite ID? I saw that test cases added under a Test Suite are not directly linked automatically. I have to manually link each test case to test suite by referring the test suite ID which is very time consuming in VSTS (not MTM)

    3. Link related items in a Product Back Log in VSTS - Do we have any option to link multiple related items or test cases to a PBI in one single go in VSTS? I don't see any option, so I am linking one by one to a PBI which is again time consuming

    Friday, August 17, 2018 8:22 PM