Idea for new Visual Studio Extension

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  • Idea for a new Visual Studio Extension:  A window in the IDE that shows a “Procedure Call Tree”.  It would display the procedures (subroutines and functions in VB.NET) in a call tree form for the current code file (code behind file in ASP.NET).  The first of level of the tree would be events handlers. The subsequent levels are the calls to methods.  Clicking on the procedure would scroll the code to that procedure.  Moving cursor in code, the appropriate node would be highlighted in the “Procedure Call Tree”.  Properties of the method (like parameters, return type) could be shown on a hover over the procedure.  Description of the method could also be shown which could come from XML comments.

    Below is an example “Procedure Call Tree” window: 
    		Page_Load (event) 
    				Load Clients (subroutine) 
    		Submit_Click (event) 
    				Query_Invoices (subroutine) 
    				Build_Query (function) 
    				Format_Results (subroutine) 
    						GeneralFormat.Round (function)

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