Doesn't work Web Form, Menu / View / Designer - Error: class not registered looking for object with clsid {A53914B4-1C62-4D60-8E8D-C7B67B4DFF87}


  • I just installed VS 2015 Community on my PC (Win 10)

    In the web form editor the Split tab is not active and Design freezes the window.

    If I click - Menu / View / Designer  the following error occures: class not registered looking for object with clsid {A53914B4-1C62-4D60-8E8D-C7B67B4DFF87}

    I tried to fix and reinstall the VS but the result is the same. Please help!

    Friday, December 04, 2015 10:23 AM


  • Hi Andrey Ko,

    Thanks for your post.

    I did a test in my side but could not reproduce the issue you described.

    I suggest you could try to create a new ASP.Net  project and add a new Web Form. Then check if it will give same error when open the design window.

    If it works well for new empty web form. I suspect if the probably is in your project. In this case, I suggest you to check the following things:

    1. Check if your application pool is either 32 bit (or supports 32 bit apps) or your COM control supports 64 bit apps. Most likely, your native COM library is 32bit and your pool runs a 64 bit worker by default, which is unable to load 32bit COM dll

    2. Check if there is customer control in your application. If so, I suggest you ‘d better to remove them and try it again since it is not supported by default.

    Since you have tried to fix and reinstall your VS .If still has the same issue for the new empty web form.

    In this case, I suppose the problem is in your environment. I suggest you could restart your machine  and try to open your VS in safe mode:

    Open the Developer Prompt Command Line for VS2015 and execute “Devenv.exe /SafeMode”

    Best Regards,

    Lake  Xiao
    Monday, December 07, 2015 7:41 AM