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    Hello, beeing new, I apologize, if my words are not very clear

    My Question:

    within VB.Net I create a class "Brett" (for tests very simple. the class contains only a property "length").

    now it is possible, to gather the objects in a list of objects Brett with "Private Dim row As New List(Of Brett)". This works with row.add( ... ) o.k

    Now the objects Brett in each row may have different length and in each row may have a different number of entries . works.


    now I would like to have a class  "clsROW" (not a list of object like above).

    So, is it possible, to declare and use a class clsROW with property "row" as above, says with a propety .....List(of ?

    Reason: I would like to gather the rows again in a "Private Dim room As New List(Of row)"

    (if this works, I surely would try to make a class clsROOM to gahter the rows within room)

    I can write the program without this clsROW and so on, but trying tu understand objects within VB.net (objects at all :-) ), I would prefer to consequently use objects, where possible

    Now I add the code snippets and additional explanation (Sam - MSFT in Visual Basic .NET     asked for)

    So about code, I try to explain in detail here.

    First Class:

    Public Class Brett3
        Public Sub New(ByVal Laenge As Integer) 
            Me.Laenge = Laenge   ' Me.    ist wichtig und richtig !!
        End Sub
        Private m_laenge As Integer
        Public Property Laenge() As Integer 
                Return m_laenge 
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As Integer)
                m_laenge = value
            End Set
        End Property

    End Class


    in MAIN.vb 

         Private Dim Reihe3 As New List(Of Brett3)


             Reihe3.Add(New Brett3(nr)) 


    This works fine with retrieving       

           dim Brettget as Brett3

          Brettget = Reihe(i)

         i = Brettget.Laenge


    Now I would like to gather this collection Reihe3 as a list of objects too.

    I tried:

    Public Class ReiheofBrett
        Public Sub New(ByVal Reihe As List(Of Brett3) )
            Me.Reihe = New List(Of Brett3)
        End Sub
        Private m_reihe  As List(Of Brett3)
        Public Property Reihe() As List(Of Brett3)  
                Return m_reihe 
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As List(Of Brett3) )
                m_reihe = value
            End Set
        End Property
    End Class


    now in Main.vb:


             Dim Reihex As ReiheofBrett

             Reihex = New ReiheofBrett(Reihe3)


    this Reihex =   will occur several times, each time the collection "reihe3" contains a differnt number of entries


    Compiler accepts, program works

           so, Reihex should contain the collection "Reihe3"   ?? or, what is wrong?

           and doing it several times, there should exist several different objects of class ReiheofBrett  ? (isn't)?


    BUT, later, i am not able to retrieve the collection to a variable like Reihe3 again


    I tried:

             Dim Reiheget As ReiheofBrett

             For each ReiheofBrett In Reiheget  (or for each Reihe in Reiheget)


    or for i = 0 to n

           Reiheget = ReiheofBrett(i)


    Question now:

    Is it possible, to gather these objets "Reihe3" in ReiheofBrett (seems so)

    But: How do I get back these objects  out of ReiheofBrett 


    Thanks for your answer, but to gather the list of objects was o.k (see Reihe3 obove)

    May be, it helps, if I shortly describe, what i am doing:

     class Brett3 is a plank of laminate/parquet

    first plank and last plank in a row (Reihe3) have different length

    I compute the number of planks and different lenths and gather the collection. NOW, a row contains several planks.

    for a room, i need a lot of rows.

    Similar, as a row contains planks, the room contains rows, which I try to create as object, too


    For sure, I could write my program without a class/object row (and i just did it). But I try to learn, how to di it consequently object oriented


    Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:17 AM


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    So, is it possible, to declare and use a class clsROW with property "row" as above, says with a propety .....List(of ?

    Hi Bret,

    Here is all the information about creating List of Objects.


    I hope you would understand it will be hard to provide any solid solution without any code to refer. Do get back to me with some code and more specific points on what you want to achieve.

    Best Regards.

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    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 2:31 AM