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  • Please help me in the following scenario

    I want to host all of our websites in-house. As of now our websites and email system are hosted in ISP.

    Right now I am planning to move only websites from ISP to our office webserver. Email server I would like to keep in ISP itself  for time being. I need to host more than 2 websites in the webserver and every websites should be accessible from the internet using www.abc.com format. I don’t want to use any port number to access my websites (eg: www.abc.com:8080). I am using Windows Server 2008 for DNS and IIS. My doubts are

    1)      If I configure a DMZ in our office how many Name Servers (is Name Server mean by DNS Server?) would I require to set up?

    2)      Is it necessary to configure Active Directory for DNS? or DNS without AD is enough?

    3)      Can I use the same DNS server as the web server to host the website?

    4)      Do I need to give Public IP for each Name servers and web server? Or Can I configure the Public IP in my firewall and use NAT facility for the Name server and web server?

    5)      If I am using Port forwarding using NAT then which are the Ports that need to be opened to the Public Servers?

    6)      How to configure the A record in ISP to access my in-house Name servers?

    7)      If I configure the A Record from ISP control panel to my office DNS server IP address will it affect the functioning of the Mail server which I want to retain with the same ISP using the same domain name of my websites?

    Friday, July 30, 2010 4:48 AM