Business Rules - Must have one of the following values


  • hi All,

    Could anyone please help to verify my case is not working in MDS biz rule setting?

    I have one attribute named: Channel (data type is Text, and users only can input A, B or C)

    And I drag "must have one of the following values" into Actions item (wish I can input A, B, C into), and then drag Channel into "Select attribute" but encountered an error "the attribute's data type is not compatible with the rule type". 

    Actually I don't know why the data type of Channel is Text but still error...

    MSDN info. as below

    must have one of the following values

    The selected attribute must have one of the values specified in a list.

    This action is valid for text values.

    Could anyone can help on this? Thanks in advance.


    Tuesday, December 24, 2013 6:48 AM


  • Even though its possible to do what you want with a Business Rule your best approach would be to create a domain based Entity.

    Create a ChannelValues Entity, in this entity create 3 values  fill in with Codes of A B and C. Treat Name field as description or just set it to A B and C as well.

    Redo you Channel Attribute to a Domain Based attribute and point it to ChannelValues Entity. (you can redo its current Text status to Domain-Based via Excel-Addin by clicking on that column (Channel Column/Attribute) and then clicking on the button in the MDS Ribbon toolbar bar called "Attribute Properties".  To do same in MDS Web UI you will need to delete and recreate the Channel column.

    This way the user gets to pick his values and not guess at what is allowed and then if he enters say F he gets an error message, and he gets to guess again (unless you put in something in the error Name, but that is not user friendly) ...


    Highly do not recommend, but

    As far as your issue above. You have Drag Channel into the the TOP select attribute and then  type your Regex into Attribute Value:  something like [A,B,C]. (I just though the Regex in there you might think about it, maybe [A-C,a-c] is better)



    Tuesday, December 24, 2013 2:19 PM