Application hangs on keyboard input when returning from sleep RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I recently bought Win 7 64 bit Alienware laptop, 4 GB RAM , Core i7 Laptop, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 and have been facing intermittent performance problems in the form of application hangs , screen blanking out and refreshing at a very slow rate.

    I am trying to use Xperf to narrow down the root cause before contacting the customer support.


    Almost 50% times , When i resume my session from sleep and type into any existing or new application , the application hangs. So when i type in a URL in IE , IE hangs or when i type username in skype , skype hangs or when i type into excel/word these application hang as well. Also note that when i interact with these application via mouse there is no problem. So i tried using onboard keyboard to type via mouse, but that didn't help and the application got hung as usual. However typing in some applications such as notepad , command shell , or "run" works fine.

    I can 100% reliably fix this issue by logging off or of course by restrating the system.
    Also note that this only occurs when resuming from sleep and only on keyboard interactions.

    So this what i have done with Xperf
     xperf -on Latency -stackwalk profile

     type into exiting application , launch excel and type in there causing hangs

     xperf -d hang.etl

    Now when i analysized the charts via xperf, and zoomed to the part where i lanched  and interacted with excel , i see that CPU usage was 2% and disk utilization also doesn't seem to be very high.

    1. Are there any other interesting ETW providers that i can track for this specific issue that i explained above
    2. Whats the different between sending keyboard input to a notepad/cmd/run vs win word/IE/Excel the later hangs on keyboard input while the prior works fine


    When i am working , suddenly the screen goes blank , and then comes back trying to redraw the app windows very very slowly and eventually never recovers from it. ( i have left it running for 15  minutes but no success) . The only way to fix this was press ctrl+alt+del and restart the machine.

    In last 1.5 months since i bought this laptop, i have faced this problem 2 times. Once while working in visual studio and second time during video chat in skype.

    1. Since this issues is so rare and non-deterministic i am not sure if can launch Xperf for this on time. So are there any default traces that keep running during normal session that i can go look at?


    Saturday, August 21, 2010 7:12 PM