problems with battery charging and power adapter RRS feed

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    I have an XPS m1530 and am working with windows vista this is my problem if you have any advise I would be very greatful if you tell me.

    When I had the laptop plugged into the A/C adaptor and left it sitting in Windows it would operate off of A/C power but it wouldn't charge the battery. While I had it plugged in I could mouse over top of the little A/C cord picture in the task bar and I would get the "Plugged in, not charging" message.

    The problem that I ran into was that the battery seemed to eventually deplete itself while I had the machine running off of the A/C supply. Because it wasn't charing it would eventually deplete itself entirely and at that point if I disconnected the laptop from the A/C power supply it would instantly power the computer off (because the battery had depleted.)
    1) The A/C power cord works 2) The A/C power input on the motherboard works 3) The connections between the A/C power supply and the battery work4) The battery can hold a charge and When I start up the computer I get the mesage that the computer does not recognize the adapter though i know it is. thank you for any help you can give.


    Thursday, September 16, 2010 4:56 AM