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  • Hello everyone!

    I have a problem here with Windows 7 Desktop Search and hope that someone can help me.

    I have a Win7 computer in my home network that I use as a file server. It’s most important  job is the complete indexing of the documents (especially for PDFs). However, Windows Desktop Search (already back in the days of Win XP) has certain limitations on size, etc. which may prevent a complete indexing. I was researching on the web and found a few pages saying that the following two registry keys can be changed to adjust the above mentioned limitations

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows Search \ Gathering Manager \ MaxDownloadSize

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows Search \ Gathering Manager \ MaxGrowFactor

    I've set the changed the keys on the Win7 Machine as follows:

    MaxDownloadSize: 1024
    MaxGrowFactor: 10

    (both as decimal values)

    In addition, I have also installed the Adobe PDF IFilter for 64bit systems (necessary for 64 bit systems)

    Then I restarted the search service and completely rebuilt the index. To test it out, I picked a couple of big PDFs and remembered  a few keywords at the end of the document and searched for them.
    The result is disappointing. While words that occur at the beginning or even in the ‘table of contents’ of the document are readily found, search querries for Words at the end of large documents lead to no results,. Somehow, Windows Search does not seem to accept the changes in the registry.

    To compare results, I installed Win2008 R2 with Search Server Express 2010 and changed the two parameters above using the Sharepoint Powershell Console.
    It works there. ALL words, even those at the end of a more than 1000 pages PDF are found.

    I also tried Windows 10 Enterprise and changed the two Registry entries accordingly (always took the same values). Even there, all words are found ...

    What could be the reason ? After all, the two words MaxDownloadSize and MaxGrowFactor are already created in the Windows 7 registry (MaxDownloadSize is set to 16). It is confusing though that even the longest document does not even reach a file size of 16mb.

    Does Windows Search have any other restrictions? (such as the number of words per document, etc ...?)

    The other two test environments (Search Server Express 2008 and Windows 10) also have the Adobe IFilter (version 11, 64bit) installed, so that does not seem to be the cause of the issue ...

    Does anybody have an idea?

    Thanks for your help

    BTW: it’s Win 7 Ultimate 64bit with all current updates.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2018 8:08 PM