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    Hello I downloaded snoop and managed to build it and I also downloaded Mole and install it.


    both seems very good but my question is does I need snoop if I have Mole?


    Any feedback would be welcome Smile



    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 12:03 PM


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  • you should be able to manage with Mole


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 1:08 AM

    I like Mole when it comes to inspecting properties and the visual and logical trees.

    Another nice feature of Mole is the abillity to compare the list of properties against another snapshot to see what has changed. (for all those occasions where something broke and you just wonder what has changed)


    I prefer Snoop though when it comes to checking the runtime behaviour of my custom controls. It has a Zoom window that you can keep open when testing your control at runtime, so you can see the effects of your triggers and animations and stuff in detail. (I switch a lot between developer and designer role)


    And just to be a nitpick: I think I noticed one attached property that did show up in Snoop, but not in Mole, namely Grid.IsSharedSizeScope


    So, Snoop will still be a valuable tool for me for inspecting visual presentation at runtime, but for everything else I'd take Mole.



    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 8:00 AM
  • Hi Gomata,

    there is another tool to inspect a running WPF application, called WPF Inspector.
    You can download it from here:



    Friday, October 29, 2010 3:10 PM