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  • Hello Microsoft!

    We need some help. I am involved in creating a service that pulls an external organization's schools, organizations, groups, sections, teachers and students into our application. 

    There is a lot of info to comb over in order to figure out what we're going to do. 

    Specifically, there are two graph APIs! There is Azure AD Graph, and Microsoft Graph. We've prototyped both for schools data import. 

    So... Question1: Which one should we use? Should we use both? For instance if a school is already importing data into Azure AD Graph, would we be forced to use this graph API, or could we still use Microsoft Graph? Is data inserted into one available in the other?

    Question 2: The schools REST APIs are still in "beta", and the sample tenant data app is down.. When will these APIs be completed (no longer in beta)? .  Is there a good reason to use these APIs over just querying the graph API which includes delta functionality?

    Thanks for any help and/or clarification. There is a lot going on with all this graph stuff, and it would be helpful to know what Microsoft is thinking for the future, and what Microsoft recommends.

    Thanks again.

    Monday, October 30, 2017 8:02 PM

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  • Current as of 11/10/2017

    I've had a chance to talk to Microsoft and here are the answers I received:

    • Not everything that the Microsoft Graph Exposes is exposed by the Azure AD Graph and Vice Versa.
    • We will see more information from the Azure AD Graph in its current form. I.E. Microsoft Graph is still implementing all of the field visibility that Azure AD Graph has already implemented. 
    • There is no ETA for when the Schools API will be out of Beta.
    • The Schools API is in-fact just a convenience measure for School related queries, and all of this information can be accessed by Microsoft Graph in it's current form using Graph Queries and manual interpretation/querying of data.
    • Is there a way to Authenticate an App on both sides? YES - if you create it in the Azure AD Portal ONLY (can't create it on the MS Graph side), then give the application permissions for Microsoft Graph, then you should be able to login with that appid, clientid, clientsecret on both sides using the v1 auth API. DO NOT USE v2 on the MS Graph side or it won't work. 
    • Is there a way to do adminconsent on the Azure AD Graph Side? I think the answer to this one was YES, but it depends on how you login, as there are a ton of different ways to login.

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