vsto clickonce multi-project deployment only using first config file RRS feed

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  • Following this walkthrough (Walkthrough: Deploying Multiple Office Solutions in a Single ClickOnce Installer for the .NET Framework 4) I created an msbuild project to combine a word, ppt, and excel application level project into one clickonce installer. I discovered that the config file associated with the first entry in the entrypointscollection in the installer manifest is the only app.config file that is loaded at runtime. if I delete or rename that file, then no config file is found. This was confirmed using Fuslog. When I rearrange the entries in the entrypointscollection, it uses whichever is now the first in the collection. For instance, if the word addin is the first in the collection, when I open powerpoint, fuslog shows that it has selected the wordaddin.config as the application configuration file. the same file is selected when running excel or word. If I reorder the entrypointscollection (then use mage to sign and update, etc.) so that the excel addin assembly is the first, then the excel app.config gets selected each time.

    Is this a bug? based on how the walkthrough is written, it infers that multiple config files are allowed. Please advise if there is a setting in the manifest that will fix this issue.

    Right now, I am forcing each addin to read it's config file by using ConfigurationManager.OpenMappedExeConfiguration.

    Monday, March 18, 2013 4:22 PM