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  • I created an add-in for Outlook 2013. The OS I am developing on is Windows 10. The test computer is Windows 8. The problem is in the past the setup MSI worked. We would copy the msi to the target computer, no problem. For some reason I copied the msi to the target computer installed it but it does not show up in Outlook menu: File\options\Add-ins.  On my development computer it all work just fine. Any ideas about what the problem could be? Anyone can tell where I can fine the step to deploying an add-in the people I work with are not forth coming with that info.
    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 5:59 PM

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  • Hello,

    Looks like windows registry keys were not added on the machine, so I'd suggest checking them first. Take a look at the following pages for the required windows registry keys:

    Registry Entries for Application-Level Add-Ins

    Registry Entries for VSTO Add-ins

    Note, the HKLM hive requires admin privileges. Make sure the installer was run elevated.

    If you see the add-in listed in the COM add-ins dialog in Outlook, but the plugin is not enabled (disabled), Microsoft Office applications can disable VSTO Add-ins that behave unexpectedly. If an application does not load your VSTO Add-in, the application might have hard disabled or soft disabled your VSTO Add-in.Hard disabling can occur when an VSTO Add-in causes the application to close unexpectedly. It might also occur on your development computer if you stop the debugger while the Startup event handler in your VSTO Add-in is executing.

    Soft disabling can occur when a VSTO Add-in produces an error that does not cause the application to unexpectedly close. For example, an application might soft disable a VSTO Add-in if it throws an unhandled exception while the Startup event handler is executing.

    When you re-enable a soft-disabled VSTO Add-in, the application immediately attempts to load the VSTO Add-in. If the problem that initially caused the application to soft disable the VSTO Add-in has not been fixed, the application will soft disable the VSTO Add-in again. Read more about that in the How to: Re-enable a VSTO Add-in That Has Been Disabled article. 

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    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:25 PM
  • Thanks Eugene for the insight, the plug-in does not show up in the list so the first thing I'll do after I do the reading is to check the registry keys.
    Thursday, November 24, 2016 10:06 AM
  • Hi,

    Do you resolve your issue?

    If the addin is not in the list, I think it wasn’t installed successfully.

    Do you get any error when installing? I would suggest you enable the logging according to How to enable Windows Installer logging.

    Besides, I suggest you deploy by using ClickOnce to check if the issue cause from the deployment steps.



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