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  • hi

    which is the difference in coping Dataset in this two way

    dim Ds1 as dataset


    (fill the dataset


    dim Ds2 as dataset = Ds1

    and this way

    dim Ds1 as dataset


    (fill the dataset)


    dim Ds2 as dataset = Ds1.copy 

    Saturday, January 6, 2018 11:15 AM


  • There is really no difference between the two unless you have pre-existing data then we need to consider preserving data which moves away from using = or Copy but move to using DataSet.Merge.

    It's always wise to use the method based approach as it's crystal clear what you are doing down the road.

    Using copy

    • If the target DataSet doesn't contain a table by the same name, a fresh copy of the table is created but not with the latter method.
    • If a table by the same name is already in the target dataset then it will get merged with the one passed to Meerge and you end up with a mix of the two.

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