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  • My dear fellow programmers, please help.  It's true that we have no organized labor protection or bargaining power, are often outsourced, and if not outsourced, then given unfair and unrealistic assignments, while struggling with which we're outright ignored, our cubicles tend to be the worst ones in the company, etc..
    However, let us muster whatever comradeire we might have to solve this one really annoying problem.

    I have typed dataset.  One of those typed datasets that you can see in the designer, and then right click and see its markup.  It stores a bunch of data, exactly what is irrelevevant, but it's basically a little datbase without the use of SQL. 

    And so,  I converted the ***, when I converted the solution.  It's all workig fine and dandy except one thing, when you call the DataSet.WriteXML(), you get a

    The Error from the Executable launch:
    Unknown Error in InkCAD: System.InvalidOperationException Type 'System.Int16[], mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral,
    does not implement
    IXmlSerializable interface therefore can not proceed with serialization.

    So, basically, it's saying some type, Int16[], in this case, is not getting seralized.   
    The problem is specific to one only one table in the dataset, I was able save the others by doing DataSet.Table[whateverindex].WriteXml(), and it all worked  except for one. 

    The table's called ImageData, and a row from it in the 2003 XML file looks like this. 

    <ImageData d2p1:ImageID="1280" d2p1:LineID="2" d2p1Big Smileata="true" d2p1:Average="32763.4648" d2p1:VarianceY="8.07919565E+09" d2p1:Cxy="-1149878.5" xmlnsBig Smile2p1="">

    As you can see, there's a <ShortArray> tag there.  It's not one of the columns, so I have no idea how it got there. 
    I have a feeling that there's a problem with this, but seriously, any pointers will be appreciated. 
    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 12:13 AM